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Wax Seal Melting Spoon

Product image 1Wax Seal Spoon - for use with wax seal beads
Product image 2Wax Seal Spoon - for use with wax seal beads
Product image 3Wax Seal Spoon - for use with wax seal beads

Regular price $4.95

Make your own wax seals with our purpose made wax seal melting spoons - perfect for use with our wax seal beads.

Spoons can accommodate 3-5 wax beads for easy melting and pouring. 

Available in silver and gold.

How to Use the Spoon
  • Place your wax seal beads into your spoon and hold them over a tealight candle flame (be careful not to place the spoon directly in the flame to avoid the bottom from charring).
  • The wax will slowly melt; we often use a toothpick to stir the wax to assist the melting process.
  • Once melted, slowly pour onto your stationery surface or sheet of greaseproof baking paper. 
  • Press your wax sealing stamp into the wax and then let it cool for 10-30 seconds before removing your stamp.
  • Note: If your wax seal does not quite turn out, you can simply cut it up with scissors and re-melt it.
  • Cleaning: for easiest cleaning, wipe out the spoon while it is still warm and the wax has not yet completely set (be careful as the spoon can still be hot) and rinse under warm water.
    Important info

    Listing is for wax seal melting spoon only, wax seals, beads/accessories are not included (but can be purchased separately).  Spoons can become very hot while in use, do not touch the heated end.

    Turnaround Times

    Wax Seal Melting Spoons are a ready-made item and are generally shipped within 2-3 business days of placing your order. Postage/delivery times may vary depending on your location.

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