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Creative License

One license per customer. If you have any questions about the following licensing terms, please feel free to contact me.

With Angelfish Creative resources, you MAY:
  • Use these resources to create your own artwork/s for personal end projects & products not for sale
  • Use these resources to create your own artwork/s for commercial end projects & products for sale
  • Use these resources to create physical advertisements, marketing & packaging
  • Use these resources to design digital advertisements & marketing
  • Use these resources in multiple projects
With Angelfish Creative Resources, you CANNOT:
  • Use resources on their own, as-is or without significant artwork additions from you. Resources must be combined and/incorporated with other original design(s).
  • Resell the resources or access to the resources as if they are your own
  • Use the resources to create the same or similar products for sale that are seen to compete directly with the original product.
  • Share, redistribute, or sublicense the resources with third parties or multiple users. Each party must purchase their own resource.
  • Sell or distribute unflattened files that include the resources
  • Share or resell the resources as digital stock images / downloads
  • Offer the resources as a freebies, or use them in a giveaway or promotion
  • Claim copyright or register as a trademark the product or end product(s) that incorporate the resource–ie. logos or branding.
By purchasing this product you agree to these shop policies. Copyright stays with Angelfish Creative.

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