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Installing Brushes

Below is a general brush installation guide + where to look in procreate to find your new brushes!


If you have downloaded the Brush directly onto your iPad, you’ll need to navigate to your Files > Downloads folder.

*If you are not sure where to find you Files App on your iPad - on the Home Screen, swipe down and start typing ‘Files’ in to the Search Finder. And the Blue Folder Files Icon with pop up.

> Navigate to the “Downloads” Folder

> Tap the .Zip file to unzip it

> Then tap the folder and look for the .brush file

> Tap the .brush or .brushset file and the Brush will automatically load into ProCreate 


The other way I like to install my brushes is to download them to my home computer first, then transfer them to my iPad via Google Drive.

Importing a Procreate .brush or .brushset from Google Drive

> Locate the .brush or .brushset file in Google Drive

> Tap the three little dots

> Select “Open in”

> Navigate to Copy to Procreate (if it doesn’t show up, try selecting More)

Your new brush set will automatically export into the Procreate App ready for you to start creating with.

You can also do the same from DropBox - navigate to the .brush or .brushset file, tap the three little dots, select export and navigate to Copy to Procreate.


Where do I find my newly installed Brushes?

Brush Sets (.brushset) will import at the TOP of your Brush Library.

Single Brushes (.brush) will be imported into your IMPORTED BRUSHES as the bottom of your Brush Library.

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